Revealed!!! How Buhari, APC have been working to sabotage elections

Revealed!!! How Buhari, APC have been working to sabotage elections

Revealed!!! How Buhari, APC have been working to sabotage elections

It was further learnt that some staff of the commission in the know about the plan to frustrate the election had taken delivery of their side of the assignments with levity, even as some of them were said to have also muddled up the accreditation of local and global observers.

PDP candidate Atiku Abubakar blamed the Buhari government for "instigating the postponement" and said it hoped to disenfranchise the electorate to ensure a low turnout.

Nigerians would have been shocked that many registered voters in possession of their Permanent Voter's Cards (PVCs) would have arrived their polling centers on election day, only to discover to their amazement that their names have disappeared from the register in their units.

A source said that some aircraft conveying INEC materials to parts of South-East and South-South were said to have returned to base in Abuja without landing at the destinations, claiming they could not land due to bad weather.

A civic group monitoring the election, the Situation Room, said the delay "has created needless tension and confusion" and called on political parties to avoid incitement and misinformation.

Police officers secure the entrance to the offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Yola.

He stressed that postponing the elections was a hard decision, but was necessary for successful delivery of the elections and to consolidate on Nigeria's democracy.

"But shockingly, the APC Senatorial candidate for Zone B of Niger State, Mr. Mohammed Musa, has a contract with INEC to supply key voting materials in an election he is participating in, which is a clear conflict of interest and raises questions of probity and oversight in the issuing of INEC contracts". This election is a referendum on his record on insecurity, the economy and corruption, all of which he has been criticised by some Nigerians for doing too little too slowly.

A close race is expected between Buhari and Abubakar, a billionaire former vice-president. Analysts were split down the middle over who would win.

The two main groups, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People's Democratic Party (PDP), both condemned the move and accused each other of trying to manipulate the vote.

"People have spent their money to go home this one time to vote and many won't do the same again, especially with a postponement being announced so suddenly", she said. "You put someone in charge of something and they say yes everything is fine until they can't cover up anymore".

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