Patrick Chung has gruesome scar from broken arm in Super Bowl LIII

Julian Edelman beard

Patrick Chung has gruesome scar from broken arm in Super Bowl LIII

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman let his beard grow full and gnarly during the football season, but with the year done the Super Bowl LIII MVP was persuaded into taking it off - for a good cause.

Degeneres made Edelman an offer: I'll donate $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston if you let me shave the beard right now.

By the end of it, Edelman looks pretty close to how he did in his rookie headshot from 2009.

As part of a special daytime exclusive on the show, the Patriots star opened up on the origins of his beard - coach Bill Belichick told his team to put "everything in the drawer" during the season, so Edelman literally put his razor in the drawer.

Since Edelman was banned from any contact with the Patriots and from using their facilities, he said he kept in shape by working out at Boston College and Harvard with former National Football League players. Five months later, he was named Super Bowl MVP after the Patriots defeated the Rams in Super Bowl 53.

"Eating is a nightmare", Edelman told host Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her eponymous daytime talk show that aired Friday. After the briefest of hesitations, because after all "It's kind of grown on me", Edelman agreed to the deal, and threw in his own $10,000 donation.

"I guess that's the risk in putting yourself out there like that", Hoyer said to Albert Breer of

Hopefully someone touched up the shave Ellen gave him before he left the studio.

Before going to work she asked Edelman if he had any last words for his beard - he did: "I love you beard, it's been a hell of a year".

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