Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour Delayed, Will Hit Android Later In The Year

Nintendo delays its very first Mario Kart game for mobile

Mario Kart mobile delayed until summer 2019

It'll be available on both iOS and Android, and Nintendo plans to launch it in over 60 regions this summer, including the United States and Japan.

However, they can look to Legendary Nintendo games maker Shigeru Miyamoto for some crumbs of comfort. Many mobile puzzle games (such as the Candy Crush series) use timer-based "energy" systems to limit the amount you can play without paying in a certain period.

"The doctor is in!" With mobile spin-offs for some of its most popular franchises, Nintendo is gearing to release two more this year - the just-delayed Mario Kart Tour and the just-announced Dr. Mario World.

Nintendo's latest Super Smash Bros. brawler has sold 12.08 million copies worldwide in less than a month after release, the company reveals in its latest earnings report.

Nintendo delays its very first Mario Kart game for mobile
Nintendo announces Dr. Mario World for mobile, Mario Kart Tour delayed - news

"Dr. Mario World is targeting an early summer 2019 global release, including in Japan and the United States".

"We are hoping it will be a new point of contact between consumers and Nintendo that a wide range of people, regardless of age, gender, or experience with games can enjoy", says Nintendo. The trio has released and operated various online and mobile games and NHN Entertainment is reportedly responsible for content development in the new game partnership.

Mario Kart Tour, which was initially announced over a year ago, is also now planned for a launch on mobile phones in mid-2019, according to Nintendo.

Games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost have been relatively well received.

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