Mike Pence suffers through an almighty awkward silence during cringe worthy speech

Mike Pence suffers through an almighty awkward silence during cringe worthy speech

Mike Pence suffers through an almighty awkward silence during cringe worthy speech

The annual Munich Security Conference is presenting an inaugural scholarship named in honor of the late Republican Arizona Sen.

Fearing a nuclear arms race between China, Russia and the United States after the collapse of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which the United States is withdrawing from, Merkel made her call for a global treaty.

During his speech, the vice president criticized numerous country's closest allies over their relationship with Iran and Venezuela while also touting Trump's presidency as "remarkable" and "extraordinary".

"If these cars. suddenly spell a threat to United States national security, then that is frightening to us", she said.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is doubling down on his criticism of European nations working to preserve a nuclear deal with Iran, saying they should follow Washington's lead and withdraw from the agreement.

But speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Mrs Merkel defended plans for a new gas pipeline from Russian Federation to Germany that has come under severe criticism from the White House.

Accusing Israel of violating global law after bombing campaigns in Syria, Zarif criticized European powers for not calling out Israel and the United States for their behavior in the region.

Pence repeated his demand for Europe to fall in line with more aggressive US policies toward Iran and accused the European Union of undermining its efforts to isolate the government in Tehran by creating a vehicle to help investors avoid USA sanctions.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on February 17, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence "arrogantly demanded that Europe must join the United States in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations".

But there was spirited pushback from Merkel, the veteran leader who has sometimes been dubbed the leader of the free world, and who has spoken out more strongly in her final term as chancellor due to end in 2021.

She said: "Geostrategically, Europe can't have an interest in cutting off all relations with Russian Federation".

The 2015 agreement provides Tehran with relief from sanctions in return for curbs on its nuclear program. "It probably wasn't possible to do otherwise and we supported that USA move", she said.

"I have seen Javad Zarif previous year here in Munich partly charming, trying to reach out to the world saying that the best chance for the world is to engage diplomatically with Iranians, and partly aggressive when saying that the Israelis are trying to drag the region towards conflicts and wars".

Ms Merkel noted that Europe also has enough terminals to receive more liquefied gas from the USA among other options. The U.S. administration also anxious that the pact was an obstacle to efforts to counter intermediate-range missiles deployed by China. She said "the answer can not lie in blind rearmament".

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