Man charged with shooting bus driver after I-35W crash

Man charged with attempted murder after firing at a school bus in Minnesota

Man charged with attempted murder after firing at a school bus in Minnesota

Police say that the alleged gunman, Kenneth W. Lilly, 31, was driving on the I-35 freeway at around 2:30 p.m. when his auto made contact with the school bus, which was chartered for Minneapolis Public Schools.

He is expected to make his first appearance on the charges in Hennepin County District Court Friday. Lilly is then seen stepping out of his vehicle, a black Toyota sedan, and walking back to confront the driver of the school bus.

Lilly hasn't been charged yet, but police called the incident especially reckless.

The shooter's employer said they've never had an incident with Lilly.

An investigation revealed that the bus driver was merging onto the interstate when he collided with Lilly's sedan.

Kenneth Walter Lilly walked in front of a school bus his vehicle had collided with on Interstate 35W Tuesday afternoon, February 5, and repeatedly shot at the driver inside, authorities say. "The words to describe what went on here, we nearly run out of ways to describe this".

The gunman, identified by police as Kenneth Lilly, gets out of the vehicle and walks around to the driver's side of the bus before opening fire. He's wearing what appears to be a security guard uniform.

The complaint said the school bus driver suffered a wound to his left arm and a graze wound on his head.

The driver told Lilly he could not come in because there was a child onboard. Then, as the man walks between the pickup and the school bus, he apparently fires at least two more times.

However, the video footage showed the defendant had retreated to a safe spot before walking in front of the bus and shooting, according to the complaint.

Afterward, video reportedly shows Lilly walk back toward the driver's side of the bus before calling 911. He told officers he shot the driver because he feared for his safety.

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