Major League Baseball Doing Away with 'Disabled' List

Will 15 teams be looking for an extra bat before opening day? More

Will 15 teams be looking for an extra bat before opening day? More

According to Passan, the league is making the change out of concern that the term "disabled" for injured players falsely compares disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports.

Major rule changes could be coming to Major League Baseball as soon as the upcoming season. Our current society has recently attempted at reversing the negative impact of ableist discrimination. After much talk about the pitch clock last offseason, the only major rule change to baseball in 2018 involved limiting mound visits.

The foundation sponsors a young adult service group, Link20, that encourages businesses and governments to adopt policies that preserve the rights of disabled people. What has been known as the "disabled list" for more than five decades, will from now on be referred to as the "injured list".

"In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the "Disabled List", Pfeifer wrote". This change could entice two-sport athletes to stick with baseball.

The rules of the DL - which has gone through different incarnations since its institution in 1966 and today includes a 10-day version for short-term injuries and a 60-day version for more severe ailments - will remain the same, the source said. The distinction given from now on is the "injured list".

The list is used as a method for teams to remove injured players from their rosters as they recover so they can replace them with healthy players.

The expansion of rosters to 26 men with a 12-pitcher maximum.

In 2011, Major League Baseball started a seven-day list specifically for concussions. They were even allowed to travel with their team as a "coacher". Also on the list of rules under consideration is moving away from multiple trade deadlines - now there is a non-waiver deadline in July, plus the waivers-required date a month later. That could still happen, or there could be a hybrid structure with 15 days for pitchers and 10 for position players, though this recent adjustment is to the name only.

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