Kurtis Blow Responds To Virginia AG Mark Herring's Blackface Controversy


Kurtis Blow Responds To Virginia AG Mark Herring's Blackface Controversy

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax addresses the media in response to Gov. Ralph Northam's statement on February 2. "If the three failing pols were Republicans, far stronger action would be taken".

California college professor Vanessa Tyson publicly accused Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex on him at a hotel in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston. And its leader noted that, while some Democrats initially demanded that Northam resign after the photo surfaced, there was a different response when Herring made his admission.

As Virginia and the rest of the nation discuss and debate racist behavior relating to some of Virginia's highest elected government officials, another state political figure is in the spotlight. Fairfax has insisted that the encounter was consensual.

Green said the refusal of Virginia's governor and attorney general to resign after admitting to wearing blackface "is but a symptom of a greater syndrome that now plagues our country as a result of not acting on President Trump's bigotry", the Hill reports.

Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment was the managing editor of Virginia Military Institute's 1968 yearbook, which includes photos of students wearing blackface and people holding Confederate flags.

"As one of seven working on a 359-page yearbook, I can not endorse or associate myself with every photo, entry, or word on each page", Norment wrote, adding that he did not appear in or take any of the photos in question.

Shortly afterwards, a rightwing website published a claim that Fairfax sexually assaulted Tyson. He denied the allegation again on Wednesday as his accuser came forward.

Northam and Herring are struggling to affirm their respect for African-Americans after acknowledging they wore blackface once decades ago.

The improbable scenario of the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general all forced by scandal to resign has raised the prospect of the Democrats losing the governorship to a Republican - Kirk Cox, who as speaker of the House of Delegates is third in the line of succession under the state's constitution.

"The use of blackface is abhorrent in our society and I emphatically condemn it".

Calling the allegations against him "serious and credible", Democratic former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe called for Fairfax's resignation in a Tweet.

Herring, who has expressed intentions to run for governor, is seen by some as more sympathetic in part because he went to the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus to confess his blackface experience before it became public, and because the episode occurred when he was just 19.

But as the scandal deepened, some prominent Democrats began taking more restrained positions.

The Democratic congressman introduced articles impeachment against the president in the last Congress, accusing Trump of fostering racial divisions in the United States. "But they have to have the confidence of the electorate".

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