Hugh Jackman vs Ryan Reynolds Is Back On!

Just like the cake from Valve's Portal 2 video game, it would appear that Hugh Jackman's truce with Ryan Reynolds to cease heckling one another is public is also a lie. I've been working 24/7 on an ad for Hugh's incredible coffee company Laughing Man and he's been working hard 24/7 I imagine on an Aviation Gin ad so, I'm going to go first.

The two apparently called it a truce and to make it up made a decision to film ads for each other. Reynolds is then eager to see Jackman's add, but the Logan star is hesitant to show the Deadpool actor what he's cooked up.

Reynolds and Jackman agreed to make advertisements for each others' brands: Reynolds did one for Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee, and Jackman created a pitch for Reynolds's Aviation Gin - or so he claimed. Even after the two actors called a truce, they still ended up in blows.

"Yeah, we sure did", Reynolds said.

The actors have engaged in a playful back-and-forth over the past few years, with Jackman getting in another salvo on Reynolds this past holidays season, ribbing him by inviting him to a party and falsely telling him it was a sweater bash. When it ends, Jackman looks genuinely shocked; clearly, he wasn't expecting something like that.

Reynolds had a simple Twitter reaction to Jackman's ad: "F for effort". "Let's roll it", adds Reynolds, 42. It's not quite finished. "The gin is pretty great though, I'll have to try it some day".

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman decided to make ads for one another to make up for all the insults that have flown around on Twitter.

He then tilts the bottle on its side and lets it pour out onto the table. He then flicks the bottle cap across the table.

"I'm sorry man I didn't think the truce was actually real", Jackman says to Reynolds, looking stunned after seeing the ad.

Jackman tweeted about the spot, 'Job well done, ' while Reynolds wrote, 'F for effort'.

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