Huawei Unveils A Foldable Phone The Mate X 5G

Huawei Mate X

Huawei Unveils A Foldable Phone The Mate X 5G

While Samsung has opted for a modern and business-minded look, Huawei has gone with a futuristic design. But, the Huawei Mate X costs the price of an iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Fold combined.

The Chinese tech giant is going as far as calling its foldable phone "the world's fastest foldable 5G phone". The Mate X is just 11mm thin, which is a significant improvement from 17mm on the "other foldable phone", as the Chinese company said.

Open and close. Open and close. Opening up the phone transforms the display into an 8-inch borderless screen with an 8:7.1 aspect ratio and 2480 x 2200 resolution.

Look, no big ugly bezels! I don't know what you'd use the smaller back screen for outside of snapping a selfie, but I guess it's nice to have the option.

Editors' Note: Updated at 12:13 p.m. ET with hands-on impressions from Huawei's Mate X launch event.

Owners of the S10 will also be treated to an embedded fingerprint scanner under the display and a technology which allows the other phones and accessories to wireless charge when placed against this new Samsung flagship.

The phone features a flexible OLED panel and a falcon wing mechanical hinge. It's inside the narrow body where the Leica-designed cameras and USB-C port live. Huawei Mate X marks the company's latest move to seize the initiative amid the global 5G roll-out race. Think of it like a rolled-up magazine. In its tablet form, it is 5.4mm thick and has an additional 11 mm strip to house the triple camera system. That translates to overall download rates in excess of 4 Gbps, a figure that Huawei says is more than twice the top speed of Qualcomm's current 5G modem, the Snapdragon X50.

Analysts have, however, already been openly skeptical of the benefits the Mate X's 5G will bring. The 5G connection chip will also be made by Huawei itself, named Baron 5000. Following on from the rapid 40W charger that came with the Mate 20 Pro, Huawei is going to include a insane fast 55W charger with the X. On the right side, there's a power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, and the USB Type-C port is located on the bottom edge of the side panel.

A massive 4500mAh battery is bolstered by Huawei's 55W SuperCharge charger, which can re-juice the battery from 0 per cent to 85 per cent in just 30 minutes.

The 8GB + 512 GB phone, which can be easily unfolded at the click of a button, now has only one colour, Interstellar Blue, and comes with a full protection case.

The Huawei Mate X is expected to be released by the middle of 2019, but unlikely to be released in the USA at least at first.

It's hard to convey just how cool-looking the Mate X is. Tell us your thoughts down in the comments. However, as great as the screens are, it still faces the same challenges all foldable phones need to overcome.

The Mate X will be too expensive and alien for a lot of people but for us, this is one of the most impressive pieces of modern smartphone design in years.

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