Google Assistant picks up new Indic languages; Maps integration goes global

Google Assistant picks up new Indic languages; Maps integration goes global

Google Assistant picks up new Indic languages; Maps integration goes global

As brands showcased their latest gadgets at the Mobile World Congress, Google announced the addition of its Assistant service into the Messages app in Android, Google Maps worldwide, and adding more supported languages. Furthermore, Google confirmed the launch of Nokia, TCL, Xiaomi, and LG Phones with assistant buttons after following Samsung's Bixby assistant. Users can press and hold the Assistant button on their smart feature phone to use their voice to dictate text messages, web searches or anywhere else that has a text input field.

Google has also chose to make it easier for more users to control the amount of time they spend on their smartphones. If you you and a friend are chatting about a movie, for example, the assistant could suggest a card with showtimes.

This feature will allow you to quickly get information about restaurants, people, events and should make it easier to exchange useful information.

So it seems Google Assistant is on its way to Messages-that is as per Android Police.

The feature is expected to be rolled out "over the coming months" to Android phones.

Once you tap one of the suggestion clips, the Messages app will open the Google Assistant to help you with the relevant information.

It is not yet clear how these suggestions will appear in applications other than Messages, or whether Google will only activate the function in conversations in which all participants use its app.

Overall, this is a neat idea, and it shows the company's commitment to adding Google Assistant to more and more of its products beyond Maps, Google Home and Android Auto.

To get things started, Google has expanded its support of Indian languages to a total of eight.

The Assistant can also help look something up during a chat in Messages. The company is also bringing multilingual support for more languages, including Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch, which means you can now switch back and forth between these languages on the fly when talking to Assistant.

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