'Germs are not a real thing'

'Germs are not a real thing'

'Germs are not a real thing'

United States television host Pete Hegseth has sparked widespread confusion after on-air claims that he hasn't "washed his hands in 10 years" because "germs are not a real thing". How to use a spoon, tie your shoelaces, brush your teeth, wipe your backside and - hopefully - to wash your hands regularly, especially after using the toilet. I don't think I've washed my hands for 10 years.

In his 1997 book, The Art of the Comeback, Mr Trump wrote: "One of the curses of American society is the simple act of shaking hands, and the more successful and famous one becomes the worse this awful custom seems to get".

"Really", he said. "I don't really wash my hands ever".

Some noted that being too obsessed with hygiene could also be a bad thing, by possibly lowering one's natural resistance to germs.

One co-host, smiling, exclaimed, "Someone help me", nearly as though she was providing an adequate button on which to end this conversation.

He went on to claim that because he can't see germs, they must not be real.

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Hegseth said the infectious micro-organisms did not exist because they could not be seen with the naked eye.

Newsweek reports that Hegseth's comments were sparked by a conversation over day-old pizza - the co-host had apparently eaten some slices that were left out from the day before.

On Twitter on Monday, Hegseth gave mixed messages.

It should be noted, according to the CDC handwashing can help prevent illness.

You might think this would be Hegseth's chance to back off and call the whole thing a joke gone awry or a television gaffe. He claimed he had been joking and paraphrased the president in blaming the media for being so "self-righteous and angry".

Hegseth confirmed the joke when he retweeted and commented on MSNBC host Chris Hayes' tweet, which said, "he's. pretty clearly joking?"

Come on people, you really need to be washing your hands.

"We're on a show, and we have fun, and we banter, and I'm like, eh, you know, maybe I haven't washed my hands for 10 years", he told USA Today.

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