Fortnite Marshmello concert: Everything you need to know

Marshmello stage Fortnite

Fortnite Marshmello concert: Everything you need to know

The posters have been distributed around the island, a stage has been constructed over at Pleasant Park, and we're ready to get the show on the road. It features a large football field and a gazebo with picnic tables, allowing Marshmallo to set up shop.

The full list of Showtime challenges can be found below.

The Fortnite Marshmello event has a 7pm United Kingdom start time on February 2. Marshmallow tweeted about the event as well, calling it a "special event", so perhaps he created some special music exclusively for Fortnite.

Accompanying Marshmallo's appearance is a trio of in-game "Showtime Challenges", a special set of three in-game challenges that are related to the event. Keep It Mello is an emote you receive for the Showtime venue challenge, so you'll need to do that first in order to perform the dance.

The remaining two Showtime Challenges remain locked as of this writing, but will presumably become available tomorrow. Players don't have to worry about missing out if they're killed - Epic Games will enable respawning, according to the leak, so that players return if someone kills them.

Fortnite is no stranger to unusual in-game events that seem to go against the grain of its stated reason for existence: players shooting at other players. It's a unique twist on the company's in-game event, though it's yet to be seen how popular this particular format will be among players. He teamed up with Fortnite megastar Ninja to win the Fortnite Pro-Am at E3 past year, winning the $1 million.

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