Feinstein Tells Off Kids Lobbying Her to Support Green New Deal

Feinstein Tells Off Kids Lobbying Her to Support Green New Deal

Feinstein Tells Off Kids Lobbying Her to Support Green New Deal

A group of students advocating for the Green New Deal approached Sen.

In the latest round of the kids v. adults showdown: A bunch of children and young folks stormed Senator Dianne Feinstein's office to ask her to back the Green New Deal.

An edited video of their meeting was shared on social media by the Sunrise Movement, a self-described "army of young people" striving to elect leadership who will address the urgent nature of climate change, according to their website.

In a statement hours after the clip went viral, Feinstein said she welcomed the "spirited discussion". But did they? Some made a decision to post the full interaction of the exchange and found that-gasp-Sunrise may have just shared the moments where Feinstein looked bad.

A young woman tells Feinstein she's "looking at the faces of the people who will be living with these consequences" of climate change. Across the globe, teenage activists are picking up the mantle of climate change, from the Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg - who told an audience at Davos that "our house is on fire" - to the 21 young Americans suing the federal government for violating their due process rights by knowing about the dangers of climate change for decades, but doing nothing about it. "I've been in the Senate for over a quarter of a century and I know what can pass and I know what can't pass". You come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway.

"I've gotten elected, I just ran, I was elected by nearly a million-vote plurality, and I know what I'm doing", the senator continued. I was elected by a million vote plurality.

Dianne Feinstein: You know what's interesting about this group, is I've been doing this for 30 years. "Maybe people should listen a little bit".

"Some scientists have said we have 12 years to turn this around", another child told Feinstein.

A Feinstein spokesperson declined to immediately comment to HuffPost about the exchange.

The students passionately urged the California Democrat to support the legislation.

She appeared dismissive as she continued to argue with the kids over their concerns about the climate.

The senator also touted her years of experience, at one point noting the children in the room were not old enough to vote for her.

The senator told the children that "we have our own Green New Deal".

The reaction online to the video was split, with those on the political left - many of whom attacked the Covington Catholic kids for smiling at a Native American - declaring that Feinstein was being rude to the children who were being disruptive in her office.

'Unfortunately, It was a brief meeting but I want the children to known they were heard loud and clear.

"It doesn't matter", another girl interrupts, reacting to Feinstein's response.

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