Facebook Messenger's Unsend Feature Now Available Globally on iOS and Android

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Facebook Messenger's Unsend Feature Now Available Globally on iOS and Android

As the name suggests, the feature lets you redact a message sent on the Messenger.

"You´re not the only one!"

Facebook is launching an "unsend" feature in Messenger more than 10 months after it promised to do so after it was discovered surreptitiously removing messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg from their recipients' inboxes.

Facebook Messenger's new un-send feature.

It is similar to one available to founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, which was first discovered previous year after several users reported messages they have received from the firm's boss had since disappeared. You also have the option to delete for only you, but that's a feature that's been available in Messenger for a while now.

This feature is rolling out for both iOS and Android apps starting today.

The removed message will be replaced by a text that alerts everyone in the conversation that the message was removed.

It seems Facebook is handling the removal of messages from its servers just right, but it's nearly comical that it won't just give everyone the option to delete their own communications any time they like. It's similar to the way that the adjacent Instagram DM deletion works in that members of the chat will be notified that a message has been unsent. But ten minutes should at least be enough to save you from future embarrassment, if you're able to mash that delete button fast enough.

Tapping the Remove option will then offer two options: "Remove for Everyone" and "Remove for You".

Plans to create an "unsend" feature were announced by Facebook the same day of TechCrunch's report on April 6 a year ago, according to The Verge. Extending the time limit longer might also introduce ways to abuse the unsend function as well, the company said, without elaborating. Just like WhatsApp, you are given an option to either delete a message for yourself or for everyone.

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