Emma Thompson Exits Skydance Animation’s ‘Luck’ Because Of John Lasseter

Image via Disney

Image via Disney

The Nanny McPhee star had already attended some recording sessions for a film called Luck from studio Skydance Animation, which hired Lasseter in January.

Actress Emma Thompson has dropped out of new animated movie "Luck" because she didn't want to work with John Lasseter after his sexual harassment scandal.

Lasseter came under fire back in 2017 after several Pixar employees complained about a pattern of behavior that included alleged unwanted touching, hugging, and kissing and making inappropriate comments about women's physical appearance. It's the first instance of an actor backing off from a Skydance production because of Lasseter's involvement, though some in the animation industry have pledged not to work for the company. At the time, the studio defended its decision, saying that Lasseter "has acknowledged and apologized for his mistakes and, during the past year away from the workplace, has endeavored to address and reform them".

According to The Guardian, Thompson had been booked to voice a character in "Luck", an upcoming animated film by Skydance, but after John Lasseter was controversially brought on to head the animation division of the film company, Thompson pulled out of the project. The move was no doubt done to help ease concerns about Lasseter's hiring, but as evidenced by Thompson's departure, it's not that simple.

Helmed by Kung Fu Panda 3 director Alessandro Carloni, Luck - inspired by Inside Out - narrates the story of teams of good luck and bad luck who compete to determine the outcome of everyday people's fate. While Thompson's departure presents a hurdle or sorts for the project, the film isn't set for release until 2021, giving the studio time to deal with the departure.

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