Egypt Unveils More than 40 Ancient Mummies

Mummies inside a tomb during the presentation of a new discovery at Tuna el Gebel archaeological site in Minya Governorate Egypt on Feb 2 2019

Egypt Unveils More than 40 Ancient Mummies

The Egyptian minister of antiquities announced on Saturday the discovery of three ancient tombs with more than 40 well-preserved mummies in Tuna el-Gebel necropolis of Minya Province south of the capital Cairo.

Prior to this, in 2017, archaeologists at Cairo University unearthed another tomb in Tuna el-Gebel that contained at least 17 mummies, Egypt Today reported.

"Some of them were buried inside stone or wooden sarcophagi while others were buried in sands or on the floors of the tombs or inside niches", the ministry said in a statement, noting that all of the mummies are in good condition.

The minister added that the newly discovered tombs may be a familial grave for a family from the elite middle class.

The discovery site was unveiled over the weekend to diplomats and journalists from a number of nations.

Shards of pottery and pieces of papyrus found at the site helped researchers to determine its date, said the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri. The mummification method showed that the remains were of important people holding prestigious positions.

Archaeologist Mohamed Ragab said two tombs were discovered nine metres underground and contained more than six rooms. Colorful mummy cases were also unearthed.

They later located more chambers "filled with mummies and large stone sarcophagi".

The discovery is the latest in a wave of significant archaeological finds in Egypt in recent years.

The entrance to the tomb had first been found in February past year, when archaeologists found a corridor leading to sloping stairs that opened to a rectangular chamber 9 meters (30 feet) deep.

The mission started its work in Tuna El-Gebel in February 2018.

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