Donald Trump's SOTU guests include boy bullied for having president's last name

When is a national emergency not a national emergency? When Trump says it

Donald Trump's SOTU guests include boy bullied for having president's last name

The president warns if Democrats refuse to compromise to his satisfaction, he may still call a state of emergency on the southern border.

According to a Gallup poll released yesterday, Americans are broadly opposed to the wall, with 60 percent against it and 40 percent in favor.

Most survey respondents - 73 percent - also said they want Trump to continue negotiating while keeping the government open, rather than forcing another shutdown when funding expires again in mid-February.

Pelosi said there would not be any money for the border wall in the legislation being negotiated by a bipartisan committee. With numbers like that, it's not hard to see why Democrats were happy to wait Trump out during the shutdown and it's hard to see them doing anything different this time around. The state of Trump foreign policy: "woefully backward, inside out", he said.

Before Joshua started middle school, his parents notified the school about his past issues with bullying.

Scarborough wasn't saying that Harris would necessarily do such a thing; he was merely using her as a hypothetical in order to demonstrate that if Trump can go to extremes to promote his border wall, a Democratic president could go to similar extremes in the name of fighting climate change. During the shutdown, the White House scheduled an impromptu primetime presidential address in the hopes of ginning up public support for their package.

At some point on Tuesday, Trump is expected to announce the date and location of his next summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. That's down from an estimated 400 to 600 square kilometers (155 to 230 square miles) that the group held at the end of November before Trump announced the withdrawal, according to two officials who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Despite the shutdown, the USA economy added a robust 304,000 jobs in January, marking 100 straight months of job growth.

He will also appeal to Democrats for a bipartisan effort on healthcare, lowering prescription drug costs and renewing infrastructure. "From historic tax reform and regulatory reform, to huge progress in the fight against ISIS, to landmark progress in the nationwide fight against opioid addiction, the story of the last two years has been one of enormous policy progress for our nation".

Liberal media outlets, meanwhile, are already beating the war drums, calling for Democrats to "not give in to Trump's hateful speech".

In contrast, several Democrats have invited immigrants hurt by Trump's hard-line approach to immigration, including a mother who was separated at the border from her children because of the administration's "zero-tolerance policy" that detained any person seeking to cross the border, even those declaring asylum at legal ports of entry.

The president's tweet comes in the wake of an announcement by the Pentagon last week that 3,750 additional soldiers were being sent to the US-Mexico border, bringing the total number to about 4,300.

Other guests invited by the president include a 9-year-old cancer survivor; a former prisoner released through the First Step Act; and a survivor of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, as well as a first responder who was wounded during the synagogue attack.

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