College Student Discovers Man Hiding In Her Closet Wearing All Her Clothes!

A North Carolina college student who had long feared her apartment was haunted found herself facing a different kind of horror when she discovered a man hiding in her closet and wearing her clothes, according to a report.

The student, who wished only to be identified as Maddie, said she and her flatmates had previously joked about there being a ghost in the flat, as her clothes had gone missing on numerous occasions. Put my hand on the knob and I'm like 'who's in here.' And somebody answers me. As she waited for help, Maddie says the man kept trying on clothes, even going to the bathroom to check out how he looked in a hat.

At one point, Swofford also said Maddie was extremely pretty and "asked to hug me".

Police said that was 30-year-old Andrew Swofford. "But he never touched me".

"I've been having pieces of clothes [go] missing".

But the incident has left Maddie and her school friend so traumatised, that they packed up their possessions and prepared to move out of the complex this week. She told WGHP she is scared for her safety and declined to show her face on camera.

This is not the first time an intruder has gotten into her apartment. She said that items of her clothing, like shirts and trousers, have been slowly disappearing since she moved in and that she had found handprints left behind on her bathroom wall. Burkely Communities, which manages the residence, told Fox 8 they are investigating how the men entered the property. In December, the flatmates came home to find two men in their living room, Maddie told Fox 8.

Needless to say, the young women said they don't feel safe in the apartment and are moving out.

But then Maddie came face-to-face with an intruder in her closet.

'I can't stay here.

Police detained Swofford and he was held in the nearby Guilford County Jail before his first court appearance this week. My closet, it stinks. Swofford was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering, Glenn said. Every time I go in's a bad vibe. "I slept with my roommate in her bed", Maddie told Fox 8 earlier this week.

"I'm leaving tonight, yeah, just signed a lease for a new apartment".

He is now being held on a total of $26,600 bail at the Guilford County Jail, according to records on the Guilford County Sheriff's Office website.

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