Change will take 5 years, says Huawei

Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping and CEO Richard Yu will face a prominent US lineup at the Mobile World Congress

Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping and CEO Richard Yu will face a prominent US lineup at the Mobile World Congress

China is livid and strongly demands the return of the executive, and has responded by arresting two Canadians in China on charges of posing a danger to Chinese security, A third Canadian arrested on drug charges has seen his case suddenly retried and the sentence increased from a jail term to the death sentence.

For Thailand, security concerns over Huawei's equipment come second to its competitive pricing versus that by USA firms, Pranontha Titavunno, chairman of the Information Technology Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries, said. The Chinese company has been under scrutiny regarding security concerns ever since the U.S. encouraged its allies to bar the company from supplying 5G equipment to them. "We continue to work with all of those relevant bodies to answer all the questions that are being asked right now".

Huawei, the global networks market leader with annual sales exceeding $100 billion, faces worldwide scrutiny over its ties to the Chinese government and suspicion Beijing could use its technology for spying. Although there has been no actual evidence presented publicly, it has been widely suggested the firm has been involved in both security and commercial trade secret theft.

Italian phone incumbent Telecom Italia has previously said it will keep working with Huawei until told otherwise by the government. No word on how this will affect Lenovo, OnePlus, Vivo, Alcatel Mobile, TCL, and other Chinese owned brands.

It's now on the defensive after a number of countries including Australia blocked wireless carriers from using some of its products, citing national security concerns.

Huawei has warned MPs it could take up to five years to resolve issues in its devices raised by United Kingdom security officials last year.

All but Canada has banned Huawei from helping build a new high-speed network.

It is a complicated process and will take at least three to five years to see tangible results.

For example, since Huawei's equipment is not used in the USA networks, is the US having the most secure network?

Ltd. (Huawei), a renowned Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment firm, has reportedly proposed to construct a new cybersecurity center in Poland in an effort to demonstrate that the firm is trustworthy.

"Excluding Huawei from the market does not mean the network is safe".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said this week that "there are big discussions about Huawei" in her country. That being said, inspection and supervision of the very technology used should surely ease worry and improve relations. She added that "safeguards" were needed to protect data.

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