British royal Kate shares family photo on school visit

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Duchess Kate Middleton proved he's not the only one with puppy powers today during her visit to London's Lavender Primary School in support of Children's Mental Health Week. "Do you want to see it?" she asked before she revealed a photograph of her family - the official Cambridge Family portrait used on their Christmas card a year ago.

The Duchess Of Cambridge visits schools in support Of children's mental health.

The move was welcomed by children's charities which said children were struggling to get grips with the modern world, while being "bombarded by social media".

Another piece of research from the Prince's Trust, a leading United Kingdom charity for young people, shows that 57% of surveyed 16- to 25-year-olds say they feel social media results in an "overwhelming pressure" to succeed, and 46% say they feel "inadequate" when comparing themselves to peers on social media.

Middleton's visit to both Alperton and Lavender Primary School was in honor of Children's Mental Health Week. "We like playing outside together and spending lots of time together. and that makes me feel very happy". It's the Cambridge family's last Christmas portrait that included all five members-Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and little Prince Louis.

This year, the doors of the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital will open to serve sick children from across our province, but those same doors will be closed to children with acute mental health conditions, and that is shameful.

Today's visit was created to allow the duchess to find out more about the support offered to students, teachers and parents to help with mental wellbeing. "She's is certain to brighten these children's day!" Afterward, the Duchess also got in on the fun by sharing her item-a family photograph.

"I loved art when I was at school, and I did art A level as well. Providing this support is the first step in helping kids build life-long coping skills".

Kate also met the woman named as the world's best teacher, Andria Zafirakou, for supporting the wellbeing of pupils and staff at the school. Does it make you feel good?

Recently, national reports have shown an explosion in children reporting mental health issues, but it is claimed that services provided are often not meeting demand, with NHS budgets being stretched.

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