Britain 'believes Huawei 5G security risks can be mitigated'

Britain 'believes Huawei 5G security risks can be mitigated'

Britain 'believes Huawei 5G security risks can be mitigated'

"In this context, Huawei has been working with different governments and industry partners to put in place agreed standards, so that people can take those standards to measure how secure the products from all of the vendors are", Xu told Reuters in an emailed statement on Monday.

But if the United Kingdom government okays the use of Huawei's 5G equipment in the country, it would be a blow to U.S.

If the government of the United Kingdom decides against a Huawei equipment ban, it's likely to have at least some effect on the decision-making process here in Canada.

The 5G technology is meant to vastly expand the reach of networks to support internet-linked medical equipment, factory machines, self-driving cars and other devices. He appealed to European governments to "reject any enterprise that would compromise the integrity of our communications technology or our national security systems".

According to the Financial Times citing a source familiar with the matter, the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has concluded that it's possible to limit the risk of using Huawei's 5G carrier equipment across the country. "The review is looking at a range of options and no decisions have been taken", the spokesman said.

Even Oxford University has cut ties with the company in recent months.

Foreign officials including a vice president of the European Union have expressed concern about Chinese regulations issued past year that require companies to cooperate with intelligence agencies.

Chinese hackers are said to be intensifying their attacks on USA government agencies and private businesses.

Last month Ms Meng, who is the daughter of the Huawei founder, was charged with wire fraud that violated U.S. sanctions on Iran. Huawei did get another round of bad publicity in December 2018, when the company CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver on suspicion of bank fraud.

"China has not and will not require companies or individuals to collect or provide foreign countries' information for the Chinese government by installing backdoors or other actions that violate local laws", said Geng.

Huawei has set up security labs in Britain and Germany aimed at building confidence that its equipment does not contain "back doors" for Chinese intelligence services.

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