Bill Cosby Spokesman Says Cosby Thinks Prison is "Amazing Experience"

Cosby vows no remorse even if he sits in prison 10 years

Bill Cosby Spokesman Says Cosby Thinks Prison is "Amazing Experience"

After being sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault, Bill Cosby's spokesman says the comedian believes prison to be an "amazing experience".

I was given a deal; I settled out of court for $3.8 million dollars; I waived my 5th amendment rights; I was declared Not Guilty in 2005 by the Commonwealth - never charged, ' said Cosby in his first comments from prison, which were relayed through his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt. Wyatt was speaking with WCAU in Philadelphia to give a glimpse into Cosby's living conditions and state of mind behind bars at SCI Phoenix, the prison outside Philadelphia.

Wyatt said he visits Cosby every other week - and the star's attorneys visit as well. "She has not visited him".

His wife Camille has not visited him so far.

Cosby is now being held at the SCI-Phoenix prison in Philadelphia, where he was recently moved to general population from a specialized unit.

The convicted celebrity was jailed for three to 10 years after being found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. However, Cosby does speak to Camille three times a day for three minutes a call - the maximum amount of time he can spend on the phone.

The normally gregarious Cosby, nevertheless keeps to himself in prison, but the charismatic man remains popular among the other prisoners. He also adheres to a strict diet; avoiding carbs and sugar.

"And he hasn't drank any coffee since he's been in there", Wyatt told the news outlet. Now the amusing part about it (is) Mrs. Cosby's been trying to stop ... drinking coffee for 55 years and it took this to stop him from drinking coffee.

Cosby has also eschewed bread or dessert while in prison, expediting his weight loss and mental clarity.

Amy Worden, a press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, said the area in which Cosby is being held is centered around a "day room" where inmates can socialize, watch television and play cards.

Bill Cosby is pictured leaving the Montgomery County Courthouse on September 24, 2018 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

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