Ariana Grande fans are boycotting '7 rings' for the most hilarious reason

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Ariana Grande fans are boycotting '7 rings' for the most hilarious reason

Grande's use of sampling is a new feature in her music; they merge snippets of her life into that of the album.

Ariana Grande just treated the world to another music video for her "thank u, next" track "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" and has let us into what went on behind the scenes with her and Riverdale star Charles Melton.

Ariana Grande wrote three versions of "thank u, next" because of her rollercoaster relationship with Pete Davidson.

On social media, fans quickly pointed out that the track sounds a lot like "2009", a song from Miller's Grammy-nominated album "Swimming", which was released a month before his death at 26. The talented singer is coming into her own. It is remarkable that Grande was compelled to compose and record this album within five months of the release of "Sweetener", much in the same vein that West funneled his grief into an experimental album. For Ariana Grande, it's not that hard to conjure.

No one can say Ariana Grande's fans aren't dedicated. These are songs about moving on, about finding ways to love yourself in your current form.

She then ended her relationship with Mac Miller in the spring of 2018, due to his struggles with substance abuse. Whereas with 'DW', Ariana sang about needing a man to make her feel unsafe and powerful, on 'Make Up', that ideology is gone and replaced with a a fiery, empowered woman who can and does feel powerful in and by herself: "It's a mood, it's a vibe, it's a look, it's a match". The record's longevity will likely tell on that one, but in the meantime, it is good to see her consistently making music again.

What makes these songs and this album so great is the fact that there is nothing to hide behind.

The song was "closure" for Grande and for her mom, Joan Grande.

The line is from Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of Grande's favorite films, who inked herself with it back in 2014.

When asked about the song, Grande explained it's about "feeling badly for the person you're with because you love somebody else". The lyrics "If you take too long to hit me back/ I can't promise you how I'll react" and "You can go ahead and call me selfish/ But after all this damage, I can't help it", touch on the idea that although some may see her behavior as annoying, it's all out of love and seeking reassurance.

The album track list consists of 12 songs which have co-writers on all of them. Lastly, "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" contains a chorus which will definitely be stuck in your head for the rest of your life - sorry, I warned you.

But even while dealing with her issues in an unflinching manner, like on Fake Smile, she still retains her signature sass - "If I'm hurt, I ain't gon' lie about it/Arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted" - all over a catchy, vintage soul sample.

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