Apple Reportedly Plans to Announce Its TV Streaming Service on March 25th

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Apple Reportedly Plans to Announce Its TV Streaming Service on March 25th

Apple's TV app now can't see any content from Netflix, and it sounds like Netflix won't integrate with Apple's new service as well. The service, which some have described as similar to a "Netflix for news", would reportedly have Apple keeping around half of the revenue brought in by subscriptions, with the remaining revenue being split up and distributed to publishers based on content engagement. Specifically, Apple is rumored to be planning a $10-a-month subscription tier for its News app that would include stories normally tucked behind paywalls. To this point, Netflix late past year removed the ability for new subscribers to sign up with iOS via in-app subscriptions, thus removing Apple's ability to earn 15% of all subscription fees in the process.

In our estimation, taking Apple's former habits into account, that means it will host an event on the Tuesday before pre-orders open; on the aforementioned 19 March.

Apple has traditionally held a special event near the end of March each year where the company has announced new iPads and the iPhone SE among other products. Corroborating previous reports about Apple's TV plans, the report claims that Apple's original content will be available for free for iOS users and will also enable users to seamlessly sign up for streaming packages from other content creators.

We've seen endless reports over the past year suggesting that Apple wants to bundle together magazine and newspaper subscriptions into a monthly plan.

This proposed set up has already given several major publishers pause for thought, notably the New York Times and Washington Post which have both withheld from licensing their own content.

"We believe there will be another event in April at which point we expect iPad and product announcements to be launched".

Apple declined to comment on or confirm a March 25 event.

Credit: Tom's GuideApple apparently hopes to spur that growth even more with a news subscription service.

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