Android users can now disable background location sharing with Facebook

How to stop Facebook from tracking your location

Science 21 Feb 2019 Want to stop Facebook from tracking location? Here's the way

Android offers a single on/off switch for Location Services, so you can decide whether to share your precise location with Facebook and other apps.

Before, Android users had only one setting that allowed Facebook to track their location, or not. Blame it on Android. Android is hampered by an all-or-nothing approach. That's because iOS users have the native enablement to prevent apps not in use from gaining knowledge of their location. You can also find music and other media content free of charge.

"Until today, people using these features were asked to enable Location History". In May, a Facebook user sued the social network for allegedly collecting information on calls and text messages on Android phones. Going forward, Facebook will keep location tracking off for users never enabled the feature or had set the location history to off.

"Most of the complaints that people have towards Android Pie's gestures focus on the presence of the dedicated back button and the difficulty of performing the long swipe up of the pill to open the app drawer". But several former employees questioned the ethical implications of this type of security maneuver, with one person referring to the tactic as "very Big Brother-esque", according to CNBC. With Location Services turned on and Background Location turned off, you will only be allowing Facebook to track your location when the app is in use.

The database vendor has dubbed the dodgy data slurper DrainerBot, and said it uses infected code on Android devices to deliver fraudulent, invisible video ads. It goes without saying that TutuApp also provides access to all freeware apps also. If you've never turned on Location History, you don't have to do anything.

Offered on a voluntary basis to people as young as 13 years old as part of a family group, Screenwise Meter offered gift cards in return for letting Google see the user's usage and app data.

Facebook has also rolled out a new location control for Android user, which send alerts to both iOS and Android users to check their location setting for the app.

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