Woman found dead in clothing donation bin

Toronto police say a woman died after she was found trapped inside of this clothing donation box early Tuesday morning

Woman found dead in clothing donation bin

A number of organizations have donation bins set up at the Eco-Centre on Still Creek Drive - which are behind fences and staffed - and there will now be extra monitoring. Or they can get them help.

So far, he says there has been no response indicating concern to the city's request.

The City of Vancouver says most bins have already been removed in that municipality, and West Vancouver has sealed off all bins since the death of a man on New Year's Eve.

The District of West Vancouver told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation last week that donation bins in the area would be closed after a 34-year-old man became trapped inside one. There have also been deaths across the US and around the world. Once again, the man was found lodged in the charity donation bin and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Some vulnerable and homeless people try and take clothes from the bins as temperatures plummet below freezing, while others have reportedly tried to seek shelter inside them.

"It's unthinkable, and it's time to deal with this problem", he said.

On Monday, Diabetes Canada announced it will immediately begin retrofitting its 4,000 donation bins across the country to prevent such deaths.

"Although death or injury related to the misuse of clothing donation bins is not common, we feel that if there is an opportunity to prevent this type of tragic incident, we must make every effort to find a solution", the company said in a statement.

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