U.S. agents fire tear gas at asylum seekers across Mexico border

Migrants run as tear gas is thrown by U.S. Border Protection officers to the Mexican side of the border fence after they climbed the fence to get to San Diego Calif. from Tijuana Mexico Tuesday Jan. 1 2019. Discouraged by the long wait to apply for

U.S. agents fire tear gas at asylum seekers across Mexico border

The Border Patrol fired tear gas, smoke and pepper spray rounds at the group of rock-throwers, said Customs and Border Protection.

Fox & Friends reminded viewers of the current conflict unfolding on the Southern U.S. border featuring yet another skirmish between American border patrol and migrants reportedly trying to illegally scale a border wall near Tijuana. "As agents were deploying less lethal chemical munitions (to include CS gas and inert smoke) in response to the assault, the group pushed women and children over the primary wall and into the concertina wire".

Twenty-five of the migrants, including two teenagers, were arrested after making it over the border fence.

According to the Los Angeles Times, several migrants claimed to have not witnessed rock throwing, while others said they disagreed with the act. "We don't like that type of violence of throwing rocks".

In a previous incident, USA agents launched tear gas across the border after some migrants tried to breach the border following a peaceful march in Tijuana on November 26.

The Trump administration has defended its use of tear gas against migrants attempting to cross the border, saying it is necessary to stop certain migrants who throw rocks and other projectiles at border agents. "However, this incident needs to be examined within the broader context of USA policies at the border".

US border agents launched tear gas into Mexico early on Tuesday to deter a group of migrants that one official called "a violent mob" from crossing over from Tijuana, according to a Reuters witness and the usa government.

Border Protection told AP that its Office of Professional Responsibility will be assessing the incident to see if the amount of force used was justified. Majority fled back into Mexico after the tear gas was shot.

Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, go down a hill after failing to cross the border between the U.S and Mexico in Tijuana, Mexico Nov. 25, 2018. It affected the migrants, including women and children, as well as members of the press.

Waldman, however, used the incident on January 1, to prop up US President Donald Trump's idea of a $5bn border fence on the border with Mexico. The federal government began its 12th day of a partial shutdown Wednesday; it is unlikely to end before Congress resumes on January 3.

The U-S government has been on a partial shutdown over a standoff between the White House and the Congress over funding for a border wall since December 22 past year.

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