Trump Rallies Right With Nationwide Immigration Address

Trump Speaks from Oval Office

Every Major News Network to Broadcast Trump’s Oval Office Address on Border Security Brendan Smialowski AFP Getty Images7 Jan 2019

Pelosi said Tuesday night in a rebuttal to President Donald Trump's Oval Office address that "we all agree that we need to secure our borders".

Fox News averaged 8 million viewers from 9-9:30 p.m. ET, while MSNBC averaged 4.2 million and CNN averaged 3.6 million sets of eyeballs.

"I have invited congressional leadership to the White House tomorrow to get this done".

President Donald Trump used a prime-time address to the nation on Tuesday to insist on $5.7 billion for a steel wall along the Mexican border that he said would stop the shedding of "American blood" by illegal immigrants.

"Tonight, and every night until the shutdown is over, we're gonna put a federal employee to work here at the show", Kimmel said.

"The president made no news and no new proposals", he said.

Over the weekend, Trump threatened to declare a national state of emergency in order to use still-unspecified presidential "emergency powers" to force a border wall to be built.

This issue is reflective of all the ongoing arguments about Trump and the media.

On Monday evening CBS said yes, it would air the address, and NBC and ABC followed within minutes. Across those networks, CBS drew the biggest audience in total viewers with 8.09 million.

Veteran ABC anchor Ted Koppel, speaking with The New York Times, said Trump deserved the "benefit of the doubt". Make no mistake: Democrats and the president both want stronger border security. "But that was a bipartisan announcement, and this is an overtly political move by the White House".

Journalists, public figures, and more have taken to Twitter to call for real-time fact checking, as well as other precautions.

She noted that the House passed legislation to reopen government on the first day of the new Congress. Trump rejected that legislation because it doesn't have funding for his border wall. "Otherwise, they're just passing on his lies unfiltered", Meyers said. The two Democrats were also stymied by peculiar production decisions; hemmed in side-by-side behind a narrow podium in the U.S. Capitol building, the two veteran politicians looked like a Grant Wood painting come to life, "American Gothic" wrapped up in the stars and stripes.

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