Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite benchmarked with 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 855

Galaxy M30 concept via All About Samsung

Galaxy M30 concept via All About Samsung

As the CES 2019 has started, the most significant gadget manufacturers will reveal dozens of products.

The Galaxy S10 series will feature an entirely new design that is nearly all screen on the front side. There would be major changes in the design and undoubtedly would be the most powerful device of the S series of the year.

From some time now, we are getting different rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

EE requires users to give their name, current mobile number, email address, and current network to get the latest information on when the next-generation Samsung smartphone will be available to buy.

The S9 and S9+ weren't too popular among fans.

We admit it's not the best photo. No worries if you can't be faffed, T3 will have everything you need to know about the new smartphone.

In order to recover the lost ground Samsung has been working hard as it aims to craft a truly remarkable device. Rumours had previously hinted at a much slimmer top bezel so this is a new direction for Samsung.

Probably the most interesting fact is that we'll reportedly see the Infinity U display debut on the Galaxy M30 (or maybe the entire line-up).

In the pics below, we can see how unbelievable the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 looks, as it's boasting some very cool color schemes, such as red, gold, silver, black, and blue. We also have plenty more to look forward to, such as in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, exciting new camera technology, exciting new finishes, and more. In regards to academics, Adam earned a degree in business from Fordham University. He is always eager about the new gadgets on the market and likes to cover updates on software.

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