RESIDENT EVIL 2 HD REMAKE 1-Shot Demo Coming This Friday!

RESIDENT EVIL 2 HD REMAKE 1-Shot Demo Coming This Friday!

RESIDENT EVIL 2 HD REMAKE 1-Shot Demo Coming This Friday!

Capcom has announced a Resident Evil 2 demo that will be available to download on January 11th (until January 31st). The Resident Evil 2 demo release date is January 11.

The demo is actually rather peculiar, as it's timed, as you can read below.

Dubbed the "1-Shot Demo", it will be available beginning this Friday and will only last through January 31.

The HD remake of Resident Evil 2 has been a long-awaited title for a wide variety of reasons, the foremost being that the HD remake of the first Resident Evil came out in 2002, 17 years ago.

"If players complete the mission objective under 30 minutes, they can restart the mission until they use up their full time". Whether you win or lose, the Resident Evil 2 demo will be capped off with a new, previously-unseen trailer, and that's all you'll get if you load it back up after your half hour has ended.

Although players can't restart the demo after the timer ends, there's no limit for the number of times the trailer can be viewed. The Resident Evil 2 demo is set in the iconic Raccoon City Police Station and has players in the role of one of the series' protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy. Once you finally reach an "S" rank the full theme song will begin to play and when you get a triple "S" rank, the volume pumps up, the effects are in full swing, and the characters begin to react to the epic style abilities. And you'll only have 30 minutes to play it. He must survive the zombie hordes while finding a way out of the station.

Given that so few games even do demos nowadays, it's nice to see something a little bit different done with the idea.

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