Painting stolen from Moscow gallery as witnesses watch

CCTV videos captured the moment when a man took the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi off the wall at the Tretyakov and walked away casually

Painting stolen from Moscow gallery as witnesses watch

"Security measures have been reinforced at the Kuindzhi exhibition and at all venues of the Tretyakov Gallery". CCTV film showed the thief slowly walking up to the work of art.

The Interior Ministry said on Monday that they have detained a 31-year-old suspect in the theft and recovered the painting, which had been hidden at a construction side outside Moscow.

Police are searching for unidentified suspects who reportedly stole a painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi from the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Irina Volk, an official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry, told Sputnik.

At the same museum past year, a man badly damaged Ilya Repin's "Ivan the bad and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581" when he attacked the painting with a pole.

The painting, depicting the Ai-Petri mountain in Crimea, was completed between 1898 and 1908.

It also praised authorities for recovering the painting. Although the man led police to the painting, he denied stealing it.

Earlier, a source in the law enforcement agencies said the painting had been stolen on someone's orders.

Police arrested a 37-year-old man who used a metal pole to break the glass covering Ilya Repin's painting of the 16th-century tsar killing his son, damaging the work in three places. The artist's previous paintings have sold for more than $3 million.

Last May, one of the country's most treasured 19th century art works, which depicts Tsar Ivan the bad cradling his dying son, was damaged by a man with a metal rod.

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