Microsoft to end all Windows 10 Mobile support in December

Microsoft No Longer Sees Cortana as a Competitor to Alexa or Google Assistant

Cortana was introduced back in 2014 on Windows Phone and has since reached other platforms

The major cause for its failure can be attributed to the lack of quality apps. Now reports states that Microsoft is preparing to end support for the Windows 10 Mobile by the end of this year.

In fact, with Microsoft pulling the plug on Windows 10 Mobile on December 10 this year (2019), the Windows-maker is suggesting moving to something a little more popular. In a recent update to the Windows 10 Mobile support page, a chance was noticed. 'What we are doing with Office 365 or what we will soon be talking about as Microsoft 365 consumer subscriptions, those would be again completely consumer businesses.' A logical guess would be that Microsoft 365 encompasses all of the Microsoft software solutions a consumer would need, with special emphasis on Windows 10 device owners.

The company mentioned that the end of support date applies to all the Windows 10 Mobile products, including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

If you're still using a Windows 10 phone, Microsoft is advising you prepare to jump ship.

Critics have claimed that the apps available on Windows phones pale in comparison to their iOS and Android counterparts.

Both Microsoft and third-party apps on Windows Mobile devices have a different support system and are separate from the general operating system support. Maintaining a separate mobile device that has a fraction of adoption rate as compared to rivals makes little business sense.

Thus the apps would be supported by their provider the way it was meant to be and has nothing to do with this announcement in particular.

Microsoft is separating Search and voice assistant Cortana in Windows 10, giving them their own distinct locations on the taskbar. The date was revealed in a support document from Microsoft that was updated this week. Windows 10 users can now literally ask Cortana to perform actions with Alexa. We could repeat Microsoft's continued obstacles to rolling out the update. or we could just link to the far too many articles we've had to write about the many problems it faced. There are 500 million active Windows, Office and Xbox users out there - so plenty of market for Cortana to make a difference.

It needs to be understood that Microsoft stopped manufacturing mobile devices quite some time ago and the current situation was anticipated.

Windows Mobile had some positives, but an app ecosystem wasn't one of them, and buying a Windows phone nearly always meant not relying on apps, and getting a less impressive experience than counterparts on Android and iOS. Cortana is a voice-powered virtual assistant that was introduced back in 2014 for the Windows Phone devices. Select Back up now. The support will last until December 10, 2019. Individuals and organizations still using Windows Phone devices running Windows 10 Mobile are being advised by Microsoft to switch to devices running Apple's iOS or Google's Android mobile OSes instead. If Windows continues on this path, it would be best to hear an announcement from them about their future plans.

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