Lindsay Lohan too busy with her night club for drugs and alcohol

Lindsay Lohan too busy with her night club for drugs and alcohol

Lindsay Lohan too busy with her night club for drugs and alcohol

What should one expect when Lindsay Lohan, queen of the late-aughts tabloid scene, rebrands herself as a European businesswoman, complete with an MTV reality series?

As for the show, fans probably won't see Lohan with a drink in her hand.

"There will eventually be an island".

"I'm too busy", she said. "It's no one famous", she said. While Lohan is demanding the most out of her beach club staff, inside sources claim she has not stopped her partying ways.

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

In September, Lohan posted a picture on her Twitter account showing the original project's design with the hashtags "Lindsayland" and "LohanIsland". "Instead of crying or getting angry, I said, 'I'm gonna own this beach one day.' Because I always want everyone to feel safe". She moved to Dubai years ago, and during the episode's after-show, she explained her reasoning: "I moved to Dubai because it's illegal to take photos of people without their knowledge".

"We're friends more than anything", she revealed, adding that she discusses their time together on her new reality series. "Her show is based around her life and her club. Like I've one minuted people before I know what "one min" means", he said, then going on to quip. "Now I'm working for her".

The actress gets candid about her journey to becoming her own boss and living by her own rules. "Because my intention doing this was to never give anyone a reason to say anything; it's about who I am as a person now and what I'm doing now". She admitted that she likes to "have fun" but thinks watching other people party is better than doing it herself.

Later, she fretted about cast members taking advantage of her.

But for now the actress hasn't retired her dancing feet (please reconsider, Lindsay) and she just re-created #DoTheLilo. Could Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, as hollow as it may be, actually lend itself to teeing up a Hollywood comeback?

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