Kate made sure Meghan left Sandringham ‘before joining hunt with her shotgun’

Kate made sure Meghan left Sandringham ‘before joining hunt with her shotgun’

Kate made sure Meghan left Sandringham ‘before joining hunt with her shotgun’

Some were critical of the Duchess of Sussex, while others pointed out the absurdity of both the pose and the obsession with it.

Kate Middleton reportedly waited for Meghan Markle to leave - before she went shooting with the Royal Family at Sandringham. They've also reportedly spoken with Fixated Threat Assessment Centre detectives at Scotland Yard about Samantha.

It's hard to chastise her for not walking the walk as a royal, though, considering a large chunk of her year was dedicated to maternity leave after she welcomed Prince Louis.

"Here are some of our favourite moments from 2018 - thank you to everyone who made this year so special".

According to The Mirror, Samantha's letter warned her sister that it could soon be too late, as she noted their father Thomas - who suffers from heart problems - may not live to see next Christmas.

She also encouraged the duchess to "carry on the family legacy" when speaking of her unborn child.

Concluding her post, she added that Meghan should "eat more chocolate" to "sweeten her disposition" for the year ahead.

Samantha has already hit back at the reports on Twitter - course she has - saying: "This is ridiculous as I'm in an electric wheelchair".

"Life is short and you know dad is wonderful", she writes. Please give him joy in his last years by showing that you love him. Samantha flew to the United Kingdom to deliver a letter to her sister at Kensington Palace, which is what is said to have spurred on the security investigation. The U.K. newspaper The Times has counted every single public royal visit for nearly four decades now, compiling the data into a list that makes it clear which royal can call themselves King or Queen of Productivity.

The woman insisted that she is not a 'reputational risk'.

He appeared on Good Morning Britain a fortnight ago to beg Meghan to talk to him again.

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