Hawaii quarantines Washington kids till they beat measles: ‘They are gone, thankfully’

Hawaii quarantines Washington kids till they beat measles: ‘They are gone, thankfully’

Hawaii quarantines Washington kids till they beat measles: ‘They are gone, thankfully’

Measles can start by showing common symptoms like a fever, cough, runny or stuffy nose and red eyes, she said.

County officials, including Rockland County Executive Ed Day and County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, are reminding residents that the measles outbreak continues in Rockland and that residents who have not received a vaccine should do so.

Washington state epidemiologist Scott Lindquist told NPR's Patti Neighmond this is likely only the beginning of the epidemic since numerous families with infected children traveled to very public places, including Costco, Ikea, the Portland International Airport and the arena where the Trail Blazers play. Sometimes they see patients in the parking lot to avoid contamination. Symptoms usually appear 10-12 days after exposure but may appear as early as seven days and as late as 21 days after exposure.

Before mass vaccination, 400 to 500 people in the United States died of the measles every year, 50,000 people were hospitalized and 4,000 people developed brain swelling that can cause deafness, Melnick said.

"We don't have any visitation restrictions in place at Cottage Grove Community Medical Center", said Catherine Kroll, Director for Infection Prevention at PeaceHealth.

In a health alert from King County, it was said the man had recently traveled to Clark County. A rise in the percentage of unvaccinated children has directly led to a rise in the number of cases of the potentially fatal disease.

Thirty-six cases of measles have been confirmed in two Washington State counties as of January 28.

The viral illness is highly contagious and can remain in the air for up to two hours. Not to mention they also were at a Costco, an Ikea, a Dollar Store and more, according to Clark County Public Health.

According to the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC), there haven't been reports in the province related to the Washington measles outbreak. "We wouldn't be dealing with this if we had vaccination rates up". OR also has a high nonmedical exemption rate for vaccinations-one 2018 state analysis found a rate among kindergarteners of 7.5 percent, with the number for K-12 students climbing as high as 10 percent in some counties. The outbreak originated in Clark County, Washington around Christmas.

That's a worry shared by many parents, especially those with newborn infants. Very few people-about three out of 100-who get two doses of measles vaccine will still get measles if exposed to the virus.

"The media tends to distort this", she said.

The vaccine provides protection against the illness well into adulthood, but Sammons warns that for those who are too young to be vaccinated or who have chosen not to vaccinate, the illness can be highly contagious and even deadly.

SOLOMON: Jasurta's other two kids, who are 3 and 6, are both up to date on their shots, but she still has them wash their hands when they come home and change into new clothes before seeing Tristan.

"I think that they're not like really doing the studies like they should be", Eckhart said.

For now, her family is avoiding crowded areas and even chose to delay their daughter's birthday party.

"If I could go back, I wouldn't have vaccinated any of my kids", Eckhart said.

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