Ghosn hit with more charges as Renault audit finds no fraud

French media Ghosn may have avoided tax in France

Ghosn hit with more charges as Renault audit finds no fraud

Both the Tokyo Prosecutors Office and Nissan declined to comment on the issues when contacted by Reuters. On Friday, he was also charged with aggravated breach of trust, accused of shifting personal investment losses worth 1.85 billion yen (13.27 million pounds) to Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn's chances of getting out of jail anytime soon took a serious blow on Friday after he was indicted for a second time by Japanese prosecutors building their case against the fallen vehicle executive, who was detained nearly two months ago.

Japan's prosecutors have faced criticism for a lack of clarity and communication on how they are handling the case, with Ghosn held in detention without charge for longer than would be permitted in the United Kingdom for a suspected terrorist.

The disgraced automotive titan is also suspected of sending Nissan funds to acquaintances in Lebanon and Oman.

With each allegation against Ghosn, prosecutors can seek up to 22 days of detention to investigate the claims - the period for the aggravated breach of trust allegation expired Friday.

Chairman Carlos Ghosn with two additional counts of financial misconduct Friday, in a further blow to an auto industry executive who has remained in detention since his arrest in November.

Including the latest charge, a total of over ¥9.1 billion in Ghosn's pay was allegedly understated in eight years.

He is accused of passing off a series of personal investment losses incurred by him in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to Nissan's books, but according to his lawyers, those actions were approved by the company's management.

Otsuru earlier this week said Ghosn would likely be held until the trial which could begin in about six months.

Ghosn has been detained since his November arrest. Nissan has dismissed Kelly from his role as a representative director.

Another member of the legal team told Reuters that they would apply for bail after Ghosn's current detention period ends on Friday, but that his release would come on Tuesday at the earliest should the court accept the application.

The boards of the two companies met Thursday for an update on the investigations, and Nissan later said in a statement that it remains committed to the alliance.

It said it took the charges filed against the firm "extremely seriously" and was continuing its investigation into the case.

He did not respond when asked whether Ghosn, who has been arrested three times, could be served with another arrest warrant.

Ghosn's spectacular downfall following his arrest in November has shaken the worldwide auto industry and strained the alliance he built between Nissan (NSANY), Renault and Mitsubishi Motors (MMTOF).

Ghosn's third arrest warrant was served on December 21 for allegedly shifting company funds to help cover his personal investment losses during the 2008 financial crisis. "Nissan does not in any way tolerate such misconduct and calls for strict penalties", it said in a statement.

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