Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy to sit out the 2019 season

Alshon Jeffery Adam Gase will mold Sam Darnold into a Super Bowl MVP

Alshon Jeffery Adam Gase will mold Sam Darnold into a Super Bowl MVP

After 13 seasons as the Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy, made it known he will not be on an National Football League sideline in 2019. However, they do have rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, who showed flashes of his promise to become the team's potential franchise quarterback in his first season.

The 55-year-old has an overall head coaching record of 125-77-2.

McCarthy enjoyed majority success during his tenure as Packers head coach. Shurmur then served as the Eagles' offensive coordinator from 2013-16 and the Vikings' offensive coordinator in 2017, before the Giants hired him a year ago.

And honestly, so what? They also thought he could be a jerk at times and he was very hard to get along with. Does Gase have the right demeanor to lead the team?

Jets fans have stated mixed opinions about the former Miami Dolphins head coach taking charge of Gang Green.

If it hasn't been reported already, you'll likely start hearing reasons why Gang Green passed on McCarthy.

That likely didn't sit well with the former Packers' coach.

After a whirlwind Wednesday afternoon filled with rumor and hearsay, it appears as if the Jets have finally found their man.

But couldn't something be worked out?

The second factor that pushed things in Gase's favor with the Jets' front office was his willingness to let others help him to build his staff.

Now, they are reportedly gravitating toward hiring another college coach.

Christopher Johnson didn't see it that way, however.

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