Florida governor wants ban on smokeable medical pot ended

Newly sworn-in Gov. Ron De Santis speaks during an event at the Freedom Tower where he named Barbara Lagoa to the Florida Supreme Court

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"I don't want Jewish parents to not want to send their kids to a Jewish school because they fear that makes them more likely to be targeted for harm", the governor said. DeSantis said. "I want people to be able to have their suffering relieved".

DeSantis said he will give lawmakers until mid-March - just a few weeks into the session - to craft new legislation. Rick Scott, that seeks to keep the ban in place. "I think we're going to see something by mid-March so either the legislature will reform the new law, [have] written a new law a law that's consistent with the amendment calls for, or we're [going to] dismiss the lawsuit".

Regarding his support for Jewish school security funding, DeSantis said that Jews are more likely to be targeted based on their religion than any other group in the country and that the state government wants that funding to be an ordinary part of the budget. "A legislative solution has always been my preferred course of action, and we will certainly honor the Governor's request", Galvano said.

"They created a cartel essentially", said DeSantis. He also reserved the right to drop other high profile lawsuits, which include bans on growing your own medical marijuana and caps on the number of growers. The governor indicated that if the Legislature does not act, he also may end the state's appeal of a successful lawsuit challenging the licensing system.

"It was put into law for some very good solid policy reasons, but it is starting to get the feel of an issue that we probably need to move past", said Bradley. House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami, also should get on board and get this done quickly.

Former Gov. Rick Scott, who is now a US senator, and his administration appealed the ruling, but his successor, DeSantis, said he believes patients should be allowed to smoke the cannabis treatment if their doctors order it.

"Since this governor was elected I have been incredibly encouraged", Morgan said, adding: "He's read the constitutional amendment". Smoking the cannabis flower was deliberately excluded, as lawmakers felt it would pave a road to allowing recreational use. "He's listened to the will of the people - 71 percent - and the comments he's made have been so encouraging to me - that the people's will should be the most important". Anyone who gets a license in Florida has to grow, process, distribute and sell medical marijuana.

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