Florida governor fires Broward sheriff over Parkland failures

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Some Broward County sheriff's deputies held back too long as shots were fired at the school in the massacre, instead of rushing toward the gunfire, according to a 439-page report released last week by the commission.

DeSantis' office issued a statement saying, "Sheriff Israel has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership".

"I've called for Sheriff Israel to resign and he's refused to do that so I've subsequently called for his removal and I hope Governor will do that today", he said.

He said the commission's eight-month investigation revealed failures by the Broward County School Board and the "horrible response of the Broward Sheriff's Office under the leadership of Sheriff Scott Israel".

DeSantis was traveling for a scheduled 3 p.m. press conference where he is expected to announce the suspension of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, but the delay pushed the event to 4:30 p.m. DeSantis also cited the Broward County sheriff's response to a 2017 mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

At a press conference Friday morning, Gov. Ron DeSantis took questions from reporters on topics ranging from his latest appointments to the South Florida Water Management District to Thursday's robust environmental policy addressed in an executive order.

Under Florida law, DeSantis has the right to suspend election officials accused of "criminal activity, misfeasance, incompetence or neglect of duty", according to ABC News.

In December, the sheriff's office said it planned to change its policies on how deputies respond to active shooters.

During the campaign, DeSantis originally said he would suspend Israel, but then backed off slightly, saying he would hold officeholders accountable. Rick Scott in February, urging him to suspend Israel for "incompetence and neglect of duty".

It was reported in the wake of the shooting that one of Israel's deputies, Scot Peterson, did not enter the school as the massacre took place.

Yesterday the Governor made clear that he does what he says: he has a bold vision to fix Florida's environment and improve our water quality.

His lawyer, Stuart Kaplan, said Israel will fight DeSantis' order and plans to run for re-election in 2020.

He said he was suspended only because his outspoken gun control stance angered the National Rifle Association.

"He has been one of the very few sheriffs whose had a strong presence in the black community", said Kelly Davis, a radio DJ known as Big Man Kelly.

Commissioners also concluded that the department's active shooter training had not been effective. And furthermore, when Scott Israel had said that they had no legal means to go and arrest this murderer, actually that was a lie too.

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