CEO quits after vegetative patient has baby

This Friday Jan. 4 2019

This Friday Jan. 4 2019

Police have served a search warrant to collect DNA from male employees at a Phoenix healthcare facility where a woman gave birth while in a vegetative state.

Cesena's daughter almost drowned 14 years ago and was left with a traumatic brain injury that caused her to have hundreds of seizures a day.

The woman, who has been in a vegetative state since she allegedly almost drowned nearly a decade ago, reportedly gave birth on December 29.

The firm, which says it is cooperating with police, provides services ranging from day programs to long-term residential care for more than 2,500 patients annually.

"I can't believe someone would bathe her daily for nine months, never know she wasn't having her period, she wasn't growing in her mid-section", one of the woman's former caregivers told ABC15, which did not reveal his or her identity.

"Trust has been broken. Not Hacienda, '" said a woman who worked as a manager at the firm for about a decade, reported AZFamily on January 8. "I haven't been able to sleep good at night because of what occurred here", another mother, Angela Gomez said.

It came after reports that the woman, who was left in the vegetative state after a near-drowning incident, was sexually assaulted a couple of times.

The state's online complaint database for care facilities shows multiple complaints about Hacienda de Los Angeles going back to 2013.

She demands 24-hour care, indicating that numerous facility's staff would have access to her room, as she is incapable of any communication or voluntary movement.

A Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bill Timmons' resignation, which was unanimously accepted by Hacienda's board of directors, came as new allegations of past abuses emerged. While federal and state privacy laws prohibit us from publicly discussing a patient's health or case, Hacienda has and will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement and all the relevant regulatory agencies regarding this matter.

Karina Cesena/Parent of Hacienda HealthCare Patient: "We don't understand why something of this magnitude could happen, and then now everybody wants to be quiet about it", says Karina Cesena, another parent of a Hacienda HealthCare patient. We are already conducting a comprehensive internal review of our processes, protocols, and people to ensure that every single Hacienda resident is as safe and well cared for as possible. Heightened patient safety measures were put in place.

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