Bird Box inspires blindfolded fans in viral 'challenge'

Netflix Warns Users to Not Hurt Anyone by Blindfolding for #BirdBoxChallenge


Netflix has sent a warning to viewers thinking of participating in a Bird Box-inspired challenge.

Bird Box is the latest film to spawn a meme-related challenge - and the Bird Box Challenge is, apparently, the latest social media craze to spawn injuries. With fan communities still making strides in terms of accessibility, a film like Bird Box (and challenges like these) invariably calls attention to the very real challenges facing those truly affected by sightlessness - a good thing to keep sight of as the world of geeky fandom inevitably begins busting out blindfolds at conventions and, yes, Halloween.

The film tells the story of a mother (Bullock) and her two children, named Boy and Girl, who are forced to wear blindfolds while they search for refuge in a world overrun by monsters that can drive people to kill themselves in a glance. Weeks after Netflix released the film, some people have been taking it upon themselves to try various activities with a blindfold on, not unlike the characters in the movie.

One popular video tweet does show a toddler bumping into a wall, but most of the mentions of the challenge are based around jokes about driving blindfolded or people remembering the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where he pilots a boat blindfolded.

The challenge consists of people walking around blindfolded.

Birdbox was released on Netflix at the end of December, and it quickly became the platform's most-watched movie in its first seven days.

Rather than referential memes, like other viral Bird Box content, these videos are closer to the widespread costumes inspired by, say Stranger Things' Joyce Byers.

"The only Bird Box challenge that should exist", she wrote.

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