Bird Box Hits 45 Million Views in One Week According to Netflix

Sandra Bullock rows down the river with the children

Sandra Bullock rows down the river with the children

Netflix says there's a pretty good chance that you have.

Netflix itself is stirring up controversy after claiming that 45 million accounts have already watched "Bird Box", giving it the best first seven days ever for a Netflix film.

Since its United States premiere on December 13 2018, social media has been flooded with reviews and memes about sci-fi thriller Bird Box, which left many people with dropped jaws. Plenty of folks share Netflix accounts, so some of those Bird Box viewings may be by more than one person at once.

Its cast is populated by accomplished actors, from Sandra Bullock (Gravity) and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) to Tom Hollander (Pride & Prejudice), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich), Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) and more. But now some people are questioning whether that number could possibly be true.

Also, Netflix has no independent verifier for checking the numbers, all of which are verified by none other than Netflix itself. It's not as if Nielsen, or-I don't know-the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers triple-checked the numbers, like in the Oscars. Considering that people may have watched Bird Box with friends or family, chances are that the total view count may be even higher than 45 million - especially given that Bird Box was released globally.

"There was a time when one of the producers was like, "No, you have to see something at some point" and forced me to write essentially a nightmare sequence where Malorie experiences one in that house", Heisserer said. We'll point out that Netflix has over 137 million subscribers internationally, including 58 million in the U.S. and 79 million everywhere else. Since its premiere on December 21, the original drama has been viewed by over 45 million accounts, the company reports.

For the entertainment industry however, it's a bigger issue.

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