Apple and Samsung sign deal to combine some of their services

Samsung's 2019 smart TVs will include support for iTunes movies and TV shows.                  Samsung

Samsung's 2019 smart TVs will include support for iTunes movies and TV shows. Samsung

Samsung confirmed today that it will be offering iTunes Movies and TV Shows as well as AirPlay 2 support on 2019 models starting this spring.

The Verge has raised other questions about the deal, they have questioned whether Apple going to allow Samsung's smart TV tracking to snoop on iTunes viewers? But what's more interesting here is the fact that the SmartCast TVs will add support for HomeKit. At one point, Apple wanted Samsung to pay $2 billion, and the case ended up at the US Supreme Court.

Samsung is the first TV brand to benefit from the iTunes app integration but we wouldn't be surprised to see others follow suit.

It could also be a Trojan horse with Apple getting access to tens of millions of potential new none Apple consumers who have used their Samsung TV to log into Apple content especially content Apple has produced themselves.

For most of this decade, the two companies have been the top two smartphone makers in the world by market share, with Samsung usually on top.

AirPlay 2 support is also being included, so users could stream content from their iOS or Mac devices to their television. That means that people will be able to watch TV and movie content that has been purchased or rented from iTunes and, presumably, they will also get access to whatever Apple's new streaming content service turns out to be.

According to Samsung, iTunes content will be integrated with its smart TV's search feature and Bixby voice assistant.

Up until this week, it seemed as if Apple's upcoming original programming would be locked into its devices, such as the Apple TV.

Apple is clearly using the days leading up to CES to implement the first moves in its video strategy.

The decision to allow Apple's media technologies to live outside of its own walled garden isn't happening in a vacuum, though. In 2015, when it launched its streaming music service, it released a version of it for Android. Considering that Apple does not have a large format display of its own, its about time that there is a way to do this without paying for extra and unnecessary hardware. It's possible that the iTunes movies and TV shows app will be revamped to include this in the near future.

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