Anything short of declaring Russia non-compliant 'a failure' - WADA committee

Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive Nick Paterson

SuppliedDrug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive Nick Paterson

Wada, whose underfire president Craig Reedie declared himself "bitterly disappointed" by Russian Federation missing the deadline, have scheduled a Compliance and Review Committee (CRC) meeting in a fortnight's time, but Nado said in their statement it must be brought forward and dealt with immediately.

A decision on a ban will be taken at an independent Wada compliance committee meeting on January 14 and 15, but Russian Federation will be able to appeal against any sanctions to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"We recognize RUSADA has been working with WADA in an effort to resolves these issues, but the conditions ... were unequivocal and without data there can be only one outcome", NADO Leaders said in a statement.

"Comments made yesterday by the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, which are extremely unhelpful, demonstrate why the IOC are out of touch with athletes", he said.

He said: "With its suspension from the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018, the Russian Olympic Committee has served its sanction, while in other organisations procedures are still ongoing".

Last month WADA said an inspection team visiting the Moscow laboratory was denied access to raw data after Russian authorities said that the inspection team's equipment was not certified under Russian law.

With WADA waiting and the December 31 deadline looming, RUSADA chief Yury Ganus had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene to stave off another ban that put Russia "on the brink of the abyss".

WADA, therefore, said that as a result it would consider sanctions against RUSADA.

However, while criticism of both WADA and the International Olympic Committee has once again been strong, just like in September it has come nearly exclusively from the western world.

"We now expect that following the process recommended by the CRC that Russian Federation will be declared non-compliant".

The UK Anti-Doping Athlete Commission said Rusada must again be declared non-compliant and suspended.

"Therefore, we now call on WADA to stand firm, enforce the missed deadline and move without delay towards a decision in this matter".

The committee will make recommendation to WADA's Executive Committee on how to proceed. In doing this WADA guaranteed Russian Federation would turn over the evidence of its state-supported doping scheme.

People have accused WADA of being played by the Russians and letting the Russians get their own way and this has got to stop.

It said: "The Russian state needs to prove unequivocally that they have learned from the biggest doping scandal under WADA's watch, and that they will from this date forward be committed to a drug-free, transparent regime across worldwide sport".

Later Tuesday, the athletes commission of the UK Anti-Doping Agency called for Russian Federation to be declared non-compliant.

"And that they will be committed to a drug-free, transparent regime across worldwide sport". WADA said on Tuesday it had not received access to the data in time, adding that the CRC would present recommendations on the status of RUSADA after its session in mid-January.

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