Amazon has now sold more than 100m Alexa-capable devices

Sales of the Echo Dot were better than expected during the holidays Amazon says.                  Ben Fox Rubin  CNET

Sales of the Echo Dot were better than expected during the holidays Amazon says. Ben Fox Rubin CNET

It's very likely that many users are using the Google Assistant, indeed Google notes that the number of active users has quadrupled over the past year. Now, Google Assistant is crossing the one billion mark this month, which is about ten times the number of devices than Amazon Alexa has. In that regard, Google's aptly-named Assistant AI is doing particularly well. This number includes both Amazon devices and other products that ship with built-in Alexa. To further expand the reach of the Assistant, Google says it wants to target feature phones next. Since then, Google and a variety of other companies have announced Assistant-powered smart speakers, headphones, watches, Smart Displays, and more. The company said the number of smart devices that connect with Google Assistant increased more than 600 percent since previous year. Google Assistant is Google's virtual assistant, available on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as smart home devices like smart speakers and smart TVs.

Contextual knowledge from the LG ThinQ AI assistant will also intelligently weave the assistant's together, remembering previous commands so that you can talk in a more natural way to trigger previously or regularly used commands.

The remarks came on the heels of Samsung's announcement that it will partner with Google, Amazon and Apple to launch Smart TVs that are even inclusive of services provided by its archrival Apple, such as its new video-streaming service, iTunes Movies and TV Shows. Now, Google can develop new Google Assistant voices in a shorter timeframe, and improve pitch, pace, and pauses for more human-like conversations.

Samsung could not ignore the spread of Alexa and Google Home devices, much higher than the Samsung Home speaker with Bixby technology that remains limited to smartphones, wearable devices, TVs and Samsung appliances.

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