A security bug in Apple's FaceTime lets people snoop on others

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Rosanna Arquette Claims Harvey Weinstein Spies on His Accusers

The problem occurs when the app is used to start a group chat on top of a normal FaceTime call. Apple has had no choice but to disable the feature until it's fixed.

In turns out there is a serious issue with FaceTime that allows you to listen in, or even view video, from a recipient's iPhone without that person ever answering the FaceTime call. Then as the call was being initialized, they would then have to select the "add person" option, and instead of adding someone else, insert their own number instead.

As originally reported by 9to5Mac, the process involves you initiating a FaceTime call and then adding yourself to the call again.

Apple has tried to distinguish itself from rival technology companies such as Google and Facebook by boasting about its privacy record.

Apple later disabled the Group FaceTime feature while it worked to fix the ongoing issue.

The glitch apparently appears when both the caller and the receiver are running iOS 12.1 or newer on their iPhones.

A viral Tweet showed off how to spy on users using Facetime, with people able to listen via the microphone and watch via the camera before anyone has picked up. If the recipient hit the power or volume button, the phone would broadcast video as well, the Vergereported.

Apple has acknowledged a flaw in its FaceTime software that allowed for brief eavesdropping - even if the recipient did not pick up.

The Cupertino, California-based company was not immediately available to comment on the update on its system status page. In fact, it even affects Mac users if they are being called by an iPhone user. Glad Apple says a fix is coming soon. Apple confirmed the bug and said that it will release a fix later this week.

In the meantime, iPhone users can protect their privacy by disabling FaceTime in settings, according to Mac9to5.

He said: "The FaceTime bug is an egregious breach of privacy that puts New Yorkers at risk".

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