Talking Robot At Tech Show Turns Out To Be Man In Costume

In hindsight there were signs that this man wasn't actually a robot

SCREENGRAB AOLIn hindsight there were signs that this man wasn't actually a robot

For starters, he was nearly perfectly human-shaped and didn't have any external sensors.

Online Russian news outlet TJournal noted the lack of sensors, human-like movements and other discrepancies.

The video was shot at a high-tech show for promising students in the city of Yaroslavl that opened Tuesday, featuring "Boris the Robot".

Reports in Russian Federation indicate the forum hadn't, in fact, tried to pretend that Boris was real, but TV viewers were left none the wiser.

The android - known as Boris - had been lauded on the state-owned broadcaster Russia-24 as a technological breakthrough with the ability to walk, talk and dance.

Russian state television praised a "hi-tech robot" at a technology forum that is actually a man in a robot suit.

Most pointedly, TJournal also questioned why Boris appeared to be the ideal size for a human to fit inside.

MBKh Media insisted that the event's organisers did not try to pass off the robot as real, despite it being described as such on state television. BBC reports that in a pic shared on social media, the person's neck was visible from inside the robot costume.

'It's entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics. On Wednesday morning, the television report was removed from Russia-24's YouTube channel but was uploaded again by early afternoon.

"At the forum there's the opportunity to see state-of-the-art robots", the presenter said as the apparent automaton danced on stage.

"I know mathematics well but I also want to learn to draw", Boris responded, before dancing to the Little Big song Skibidi.

On the website of the company behind the robot, it is described as being able to create "an nearly complete illusion that you have a real robot".

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