Phillies rumors: If offers close, Manny Machado will sign with Yankees

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New York Yankees are very much in play for Manny Machado

According to Major League Baseball insider Jack Curry, the Yankees are pretty sold on Machado.

If the Yankees do indeed decide not to get in a bidding war with the Phillies, it sounds like Machado would prefer Philadelphia over the Chicago White Sox, the other team he visited this week.

It's always been rumored that Machado would make around $30 million per season. In fact, during the Winter Meetings, it was reported that Cashman was unwilling to pay the $300 million price tag that the 26-year-old's representation was initially looking for.

Would Machado leave that much money on the table to play in the Big Apple?

Before Manny Machado ever mentioned the phrase "Johnny Hustle", before he ever was booed in Milwaukee or shamed on the postseason stage or reached free agency, I asked a simple question of a few of his Orioles teammates in early 2018.

It's possible the Yankees could make up some of the difference with a higher average yearly salary, but their offer still might not be close to what Philadelphia ultimately presents Machado. Machado's follow of Segura is intriguing; he has long expressed his interest to play shortstop, however the Phillies acquired Segura to play the position while trading away their former top prospect (of the same position) to land him, J.P. Crawford. If the Yankees do get him, they are going to be even more risky in the American League. There is some skepticism, however, regarding how much owner Jerry Reinsdorf is actually willing to spend on one player. Time will only tell if Machado will don red pinstripes in 2019 and beyond. According to the Athletic's Lindsey Adler, the meeting lasted just 90 minutes.

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