New York Awarded XFL Team

New York Awarded XFL Team

New York Awarded XFL Team

Oliver Luck, the CEO and Commissioner of the XFL, announced the eight cities in a Wednesday news conference.

The XFL, a formerly defunct and controversial football league created by Vince McMahon and the WWE in 2001, will re-open its doors in two years time and completely revamp how they approach the sport.

McMahon said there will be more innovative and exciting play. Or, as you may have heard us say, less stall and more ball. They also want to focus on player health and safety. He wants a crisp game that takes less than three hours. He said research indicates fans want more football, and they want to give it to them. He also confirmed that the league will be testing for performance enhancing drugs, and is working with a world class panel of doctors and medical professionals to craft the best regulations possible.

"New Jersey couldn't be happier to be one of the eight host sites for the XFL's 2020 revival season", Gov. Phil Murphy said at the news conference.

Luck said they want the XFL to be affordable for families and they are working on lower ticket prices.

Luck says they will look for the best coaches and players available and majority will have college and National Football League experience.

Luck said an XFL app is being developed. The XFL has locked in major former National Football League executives, and in the first quarter of 2019, they will identify team presidents and key players, including Doug Flutie. The league will fully implement gambling in all states where it is legal.

He said in the coming months players will be signed, and team names will be announced.

All of the XFL cities already have National Football League teams except for St. Louis.

The XFL is already reserving season tickets for their return season on their official website which was announced during the conference held today.

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