Mattis: Putin tried to ‘muck around’ in US midterm elections

Mattis: Putin tried to ‘muck around’ in US midterm elections

Mattis: Putin tried to ‘muck around’ in US midterm elections

Such an opinion during the California Security Forum was expressed by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Reuters reports.

Citing Russia's seizure of Ukrainian vessels and sailors, President Donald Trump canceled his plans to meet with Putin at this weekend's Group of 20 summit in Argentina, but he said he looked forward to meeting Putin soon.

"He is not recognising that what he is doing is actually creating the animosity against his people".

The U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has said the United States will stand with the 41 nations coalition committed to the ongoing efforts in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "tried to muck around" in November's midterm elections, amid increasingly tense relations between the US and Russia.

"We are dealing with Putin's duplicitous violation of the INF Treaty", Mattis said.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Saturday he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin again tried to meddle in USA elections.

Russia said the Ukrainian ships had breached the Russian border and conducted risky movements in spite of Russia's orders.

On Beijing, Mattis said the seeking a "constructive reciprocal, results-oriented" relationship.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders did not elaborate on what was discussed during the conversation, according to USA Today.

Now more than ever, it's time to send "a clear message" to Putin, Panetta said Saturday. "And we are seeing a continued effort along those lines", Mattis said, adding that the United States would take whatever steps were necessary to defend American democracy. Trump abruptly canceled a planned meeting with Putin at the summit just two days before they were scheduled to sit down.

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